Baseball Camps

Dallas MLBPAA Legends For Youth Clinic Teaches Life Lessons July 7, 2018

When I originally had a dream of playing sports on TV, it didn’t occur to me that I would someday be a role model. Someone who young kids would aspire to become…a professional athlete. My parents taught me that an education and a good work ethic would lead to success. Sports was just something that occupied my time as a youth in order to keep me out of trouble while in the streets of Waco, Texas. In addition to my parents, I grew up in a one bedroom house with four brothers and one sister.  We always had plenty of love in the household and plenty to eat! I love my parents and was very appreciative of what they could give. I never complained nor was I ashamed of what I did not have. Today, I seek to help and be a part of any kid’s life through sports. Sports taught me life lessons in addition to “No Pass, No Play” taught me to become a good student. As a student athlete, I endured hard work and respected my former coaches who were father figures in the community. As students, we all shared a common goal to be the best players and to represent ourselves with dignity. Now, I enjoy teaching life lessons as I travel with Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association conducting camps throughout the state of Texas. Remember life resembles sports. There is always wins and losses. We must handle them all with dignity and always show respect to our opponents. I am now friends with many of my opponents while sharing a lifelong bond that can only be attained through playing sports. #LFYClinic

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